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Miguel H. Bronchud, Richard A. Crane, Peter H. Currie, Robert A. Gilbert,

John M. Hamill, Peter E. Holland, Charles C. Lawrence, David J. West

Masonic Research is an independent journal which represents no specific Masonic body. It has been launched as an intelligent online journal to meet the needs for speedier international discussion of Freemasonry's history and future. As a fraternity which values continuity, our history and our future are inextricably linked. We cannot discuss the latter without a sound appreciation of the former.


The printed word still has its place. Indeed, most Masonic scholars will be lovers of books. However, online communication is faster and costs a fraction of print. Masonic Research is an immediate communication medium open to whoever can reach the world wide web.


The Editorial Board is composed of Masonic authors who have a sound grounding in Masonic research and an awareness of how that research needs to be applied to a consideration of our future. We welcome contributions which are based in proper research. Articles will be peer reviewed before publication. Contributions are welcomed from Masons and non-Masons. We welcome comment on articles published. All comment and discussion will be moderated.

Submission of articles

This website is a platform for the publication of discoveries, research articles, new thoughts and conclusions concerning Freemasonry and its history - the personalities, developments and events that have shaped the institution as we see it today. We welcome articles and comments from all interested (and interesting) Masons.


Please submit articles using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. Attach illustrations as a separate jpeg file. Send to 


Submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board whose decision on whether to publish will be final. We cannot enter into any discussion on any decision to publish or not to publish.